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Kimono rental & walk

Please come 10 minutes before the appointment time on the day. Estimated time for dressing is about 20 minutes per person.
The settling of the fee will be before dressing up. Payment can be made in cash or credit card.
Please keep your valuables with you yourself. We will take care of other items carefully.
Business hours are from 10:00 to 17:00. Please return your kimono by 17:00.
Last dressing time is 15:00. After that it is not possible to depart.
If you wish to photo shoot, a separate charge is required. Please contact us.
Rental fee
¥5,000−/ 1person
¥10,000−/ 2persons
The price will be the charge of Kimono, Footwear, Accessories. In principle, there is no additional charge.
If your garment is damaged or contaminated, you may be asked to pay repair costs.
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